Meetup202 LA Trip Report & Tracking202 News

When I was a little kid, after we took a field trip with our class, the teacher made us write a report about what we learned. It’s actually a good exercise if only to help you remember stuff.


This passed Saturday I went to Meetup202: Los Angeles. Organized by the people at Tracking202/Bloosky, these meet-ups are simply to allow affiliate marketers to network and learn from each other face to face.

I got there about an hour and half  late due to traffic, but overall the meet-up was cool. About 30 people attended and we all met at a coffee shop in Pasadena.  It was a really nice day, about 78 degrees, and that was perfect since we were outside on the patio.  As you would expect, there were a lot of newbies there.  I heard quite a few conversations about basic topics.   People tended to talk in groups of 3-5.  This actually works well because it keeps things moving along quickly.  It’s also better than 1 on 1 conversations because you can sort of peel off and move somewhere else if you don’t want to talk about that particular subject.

Fat Brides Can Make You Rich

This meet-up’s organizer is Jasper Pangilinan.  He writes the blog and is an experienced and successful affiliate.  If you don’t read his blog, you should. There is some good stuff there.  (In particular, check out: Prosper202 LP CTR Mod).  Jasper gave a short talk… a recap of the talk he gave at the Tracking202 Meetup at this passed Affiliate Summit West. I was actually glad to hear it again because after all those vodka Red Bulls, it was hard to remember everything.

The subject was about “thinking outside the box”.  Everyone throws this phrase around and not many people give you concrete examples.  Jasper gave an example of selling a weight loss offer.  He said to think of specific reasons why people would want to or need to lose weight.  Besides the generic/broad reasons like “to look better” or “for health reasons” he said to drill down.  For example: a woman will want to lose weight when she is getting married.  So you could target keywords or sites for selling wedding dresses, wedding planners, wedding cake makers, etc.   You can take this example farther by drilling down on the “for health reasons” angle.  Target sites about diabetes, etc.  Anyway the talk was only about 5 minutes, but I think it’s pretty good advice.

Tracking202 News

I also ran into Nana Gilbert-Baffoe.  He works in marketing for Tracking202/Bloosky.  I met him at the Tracking202 Meet-up in Las Vegas this passed January.  During that presentation, Wes Mahler announced that a new version of Tracking202/Prosper202 would be released in a few months.  It’s now been a few months and it’s nowhere to be seen.  I asked Nana about this. He said it’s pretty much all done, but there is no firm release date yet.   I asked about what kind of new features we could look forward to and he told me a few things:

He said the reporting would be greatly improved.   There would not be any real improvement to handle landing page rotations.  There would be support for additional user defined variables.

This additional variable functionality is going to be really cool and allow you to track at a way more granular level.  It will allow you to go way beyond the network, offer, and keyword tracking you are currently limited to.  Nana also said after the upcoming upgrade release, the next release will be a fully rewritten code base.  Hopefully that will result in an even better, faster, product.  I could not wring too much more out of him, but it does suck that the new versions is still quite a ways off.

That’s about it.  If you have a chance to go to a Meetup202 I recommend you do. Especially if you are a newbie.

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