Prosper 202 1.7 Release and Chart disable Mod

The long awaited new release of Prosper 202 1.7 is available for download today. Nana has put quite a bit of work into this new version and it looks like it’s a real winner.

This new version has some changes to the UI/design as well as some changes under the hood. Here’s your executive summary:


The UI has been relabeled here and there to make more sense. For example in the Setup tab, “PPC Accounts” has been replaced with “Traffic Sources”. “Aff Networks” has been replaced with “Categories”. The idea being: you can group campaigns together by network, by vertical, or by campaign type. Overall this makes for a more user friendly and intuitive experience.

A mod by yours truly also made it into this new release! My Subid Injection Buttons mod is now officially part of Prosper 202. Sweet!

Another great mod that is now part of the standard release is Jasper’s Keywords LP CTR mod. If you haven’t used this mod, it is badass and a definite must.

There is also a handy Mobile Mini View. You can see this by pointing your mobile browser to http://yourdomain/202-Mobile/

Under the Hood

The Administration section now has a button that lets you clear out (delete) all of your click data. This button will keep all of your setup info (traffic sources, campaigns, etc.) but

zero out all of the click information. Doing this periodically after running a lot of volume will keep your 202 database nice and snappy.

There is also now support for third party pixels to be associated with each traffic source. So when 202 sees a conversion happen, it will fire that traffic source’s pixel.

And finally, probably one of the most important new changes is that redirect speed has been greatly improved. According to Nana, redirects are 2-5 times faster now. This is a BIG deal because as we all know, speed is king. This new speed should translate into improved CTR and ROI on your campaigns.

Chart Disable Mod

To coincide with the new Prosper release, here’s a mod I’ve used myself for awhile. Personally I don’t get a lot out of the charts. I prefer looking at the data as it’s broken down in the tables. So with that in mind, here’s the mod:

Edit 202-config/functions-tracking202.php

function showChart ($chart, $chartWidth, $chartHeight) {
	return; // disable charts   
	$reg_key = "C1XUW9CU8Y4L.NS5T4Q79KLYCK07EK";

You can see the change in the highlighted line above. This will disable all charts from being displayed. The result will be a 202 that’s a little snappier. You will also free up more real estate on your screen. This means more data will be above the fold and you’ll save yourself some scrolling.

That’s it, enjoy!

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  • Awesome thanks for the write up! I’ll probably check it out this week. Do some speed testing, etc.
    Mike Chiasson’s latest blog post: What Should I Be For Halloween 2011?

  • Matt

    Anyone run redirect speed tests yet? What’s the best way to get accurate results if I run one myself – google page speed or is there another tool which would just get the redirect measured?
    Matt’s latest blog post: The future – mobile, apps, marketing, life in general

  • Marlon

    I just installed 1.7.2 and it’s weird, my prosper dashboard is still telling me that I have 1.6.x and I need to upgrade. What gives?

    I followed the proper process of upgrading – save my config file, drag the contents of 1.7.2 via FTP to my prosper directory, replace my config file…Has anyone seen this as well?

    • That’s weird. The upgrade went fine for me. Maybe the files weren’t overwritten?

  • hey CTRtard, your landing page rotation script & offer rotation script, are those both still compatible with the new version of prosper?

  • Hey guys, same experience as Marlon, I am almost at a point where I need to do a fresh install – any idea on how to best archive data and import it to the new instance?

    Also any of you know if the new 1.7 version allows automatic updates of your cpc cost via Google and Bing APIs? I have talked with Nana abotu this 100s of times and it always ended up as “good idea, will add it later” …


    • The new 1.7.2. does not allow CPC updates. I think everyone would agree this would be a good idea. That being said, there are plans to release a Pro version of Prosper202. And certain features are being saved for that. Perhaps this is one of them?

      Thanks for reading!

  • Alex
    • Nana looks like he’s on top of this. I’m sure he’ll find a solution soon.

      • Alex

        I rely on it… Don’t you have the same issue?

        • No my 202 works fine.

  • What up Mark! Great post man. Just thought I’d let you know that my LP CTR mod is NOW part of the new Prosper202. Your post said it’s not part of it.

    It’s about time they integrated it in.
    Jasper’s latest blog post: Prosper202 1.7.2 Released!

    • Yo Jasper! That was a typo man. I meant to write “Another great mod that is NOW part of the standard release”. Good eye.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Ramon Perez

    Hey does the Variable passing that you wrote about still work with this new upgrade.

    • Yeah it should still work OK. But I haven’t tested it yet.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Taz

    I’m having problems with prosper202, or maybe my javascript, but everytime I go to Tracking202, it does freeze, then shows up a dialog asking to stop some .js scripts. Did it happen to anyone?

  • Nicole

    OMG your chart disable mod is life changing for me! lol. Actually, the chart totally annoys me because I don’t use it, it takes longer to load, and the extra scrolling is just too much work! I was actually looking for some button to see if I could hide it, but this is way better. It worked perfect! Thanks!

    • Glad you liked. Thanks for reading!

  • Compound

    I finally got around to disabling the charts. From what I can tell, the Overview and Analyze tabs seem quite a bit faster. Thanks CTRtard!

    • Snappier, right? Thanks for reading!

  • Jman

    I hate digging up old threads, but I’m using 1.7 and I was following your mod to pass other variables.

    What I’m trying to pass is my keyword through my affiliate (offer) url.

    The mod called for editing the off.php file, but I see my link generated redirects through the lp.php file. That file is a little different, but I tried putting the mods in where I thought was appropriate and it just stalls.

    When I click the link, it does redirect me to my page, but without my keywords. Can you help??


    • Jman

      Figured it out!


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Prosper 202 1.7 Release and Chart disable Mod [Link] « October 12, 2011


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