Jumptap Offer Rotation & Tracking Script for Prosper 202

This script is designed to help you track clicks from Jumptap, one of the more popular mobile ad networks. It grabs tracking variables passed by Jumptap and turns them into c variables used by Prosper202. This allows you to see exactly what publisher, keyword/category, handset, and carrier are converting.

The script will also rotate offers if you add more than one link.


* Jumptap Offer Rotation & Tracking for Prosper 202 by ctrtard.com
* Last update 10-14-2011
* http://ctrtard.com/tracking/jumptap-offer-rotation-tracking-script-for-prosper-202
* This script will accept tracking variables from Jumptap and pass
* them along to Prosper 202.  It will also rotate one or more offers.
* Usage:
* Add 1 or more Direct Links from Tracking 202 as shown below.
* Make sure you DO NOT use c1-c4 variables when pulling your links.
* The c1-c4 vars will be populated automatically as follows: 
* c1 = publisher, c2 = keyword, c3 = handset, c4 = carrier
* t202kw has been intentionally left unused.   You can use it for
* whatever you want.  Maybe campaign name?
* Upload this script to your server and use it as your Destination URL.
* e.g. http://yourdomain.com/free-ipad.php
* Important!:
* In Jumptap 'Ad Details' tab, make sure you set
* 'Append tracking parameters to destination url' to YES* 

// Example: $link[] = 'http://prosper202domain/tracking202/redirect/dl.php?t202id=12345&t202kw=';  

$link[] = 'http://prosper202domain/tracking202/redirect/dl.php?t202id=12345&t202kw=';

STOP!! No need to edit below this line.

// pick a link at random
if (count($link) < 1) die ('Error! No links are defined.');
$n = rand(0, count($link)-1 );
$url = $link[$n];

// grab t202kw from incoming url
if (isset($_GET['t202kw'])) {
    $t202kw = $_GET['t202kw'];
    $t202kw = rawurlencode($t202kw);    
    // populate t202kw= var
    $url = str_ireplace("t202kw=", "&t202kw=$t202kw", $url);

// grab jumptap specific vars
if (isset($_GET['jt-campaign'])) {
    $jt_campaign = $_GET['jt-campaign'];
    $jt_campaign = rawurlencode($jt_campaign);    
if (isset($_GET['jt-adbundle'])) {
    $jt_adbundle = $_GET['jt-adbundle'];
    $jt_adbundle = rawurlencode($jt_adbundle);    
if (isset($_GET['jt-keyword'])) {
    $jt_keyword = $_GET['jt-keyword'];
    $jt_keyword = rawurlencode($jt_keyword);    
if (isset($_GET['jt-operator'])) {
    $jt_operator = $_GET['jt-operator'];
    $jt_operator = rawurlencode($jt_operator);    
if (isset($_GET['jt-handset'])) {
    $jt_handset = $_GET['jt-handset'];
    $jt_handset = rawurlencode($jt_handset);    
if (isset($_GET['jt-publisher'])) {
    $jt_publisher = $_GET['jt-publisher'];
    $jt_publisher = rawurlencode($jt_publisher);    
if (isset($_GET['jt-site'])) {
    $jt_site = $_GET['jt-site'];
    <a href="http://jafrenkejnshtein.ru">more info</a>

$jt_site = rawurlencode($jt_site);    
if (isset($_GET['jt-query'])) {
    $jt_query = $_GET['jt-query'];
    $jt_query = rawurlencode($jt_query);    
if (isset($_GET['tsmid'])) {
    $tsmid = $_GET['tsmid'];
    $tsmid = rawurlencode($tsmid);    
if (isset($_GET['tsmname'])) {
    $tsmname = $_GET['tsmname'];
    $tsmname = rawurlencode($tsmname);    

// append c vars
$url .= &quot;&amp;c1=$jt_publisher&amp;c2=$jt_keyword&amp;c3=$jt_handset&amp;c4=$jt_operator&quot;;

// do redirect
header(&quot;Location: $url&quot;);


This is pretty straightforward. Upload the script to your server. I recommend you name it something related to the niche you’ll be promoting. For example if you’re going to promote and test free ipad offers, call it free-ipad.php

You can add one or more links as shown in the script. If you have more than one link, they will be rotated so you can test similar offers.

When you pull links from Prosper202, make sure you DO NOT define c1-c4 variables. This script will populate those for you. Also, don’t bother with cloaking. You want the redirect to be as fast as possible for these slow mobile connections.

I intentionally left t202kw unused. So you can ignore it, or use this for whatever you want. Maybe you want to use it to pass the campaign name? See below.


Let’s say you upload this script to http://yourdomain.com/jumptap/free-ipad.php

That URL now becomes your destination link for use in Jumptap.

You’re all done. That would work just fine.

If you want to get fancier and pass along something to the t202kw variable. You could do that by making your Destination URL be this:


Note: Make sure you go the Ad Details screen in Jumptap and enable the Append Tracking setting like so:


To view results, go to Overview > Group Overview in Prosper202.

Make sure you set your Group By settings. In this pic, I set it to group by c4, which is where the mobile carrier is stored:

And here you can see what this breakdown looks like:


That’s it! As you can see, it’s simple to see which carriers are converting. To see a breakdown by handset/device, group by c3. Sweet!

As a final note, Neverblue has excellent mobile tracking under Advanced Reporting. Definitely check it out.

Please leave some comments and let me know how it works for you.

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  • Awesome share. Thank you 🙂
    Affiliate Paying’s latest blog post: Lora on "AquaLeads"

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for reading!

  • chris

    nice post.

    how do you handle tracking with mobile landing pages? I’m finding that the javascript on my mobile landing pages isn’t always getting executed, which means my c1, etc variables are not being tracked.

    • So far I’ve only run direct links. But the issue you’re having is likely due to certain devices not supporting javascript or having some kind of security measures in place.

      One thing you could try is to use a PHP include to include the file that the JS is normally trying to include. This may work, but honestly I haven’t tried this solution.

      If that made sense to you great, if not, it’s not something I can explain in a comment. Maybe I’ll make a future post on the topic. At some point soon I will be testing mobile LP’s and I’m sure I’ll run into the same problem you’re having.

      Thanks for reading!

      • I think we need custom PHP code to update the subid in mysql database directly on landing page.
        MrDev’s latest blog post: GMail got New Look!

  • This is interesting, thank you! But is anyone actually making money from mobile ads/ I spent over 3k testing and the conversions was really bad with different offers (iphone unlocking, ipad movies, mobile content etc.) that even tweaking the ads would never make it porfitable – mobile is a big black hole for me right now…

    • You’re not alone man! From my limited testing I’ve seen high CPCs and erratic conversion rates across various devices. I’ve only tested dating so far.

      I’ve heard of people doing very well with mobile, but there is a definite learning curve.

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

  • Taz

    Great job! Thanks for sharing this! Going to be very handy! 🙂

    • Glad you like it. Thanks for reading!

  • Tested this yesterday and it works great! Actually think it will be more useful to have c1 set to: jt-publisher, (line 097)
    Andym’s latest blog post: Jumptap Offer Rotation & Tracking Script for Prosper 202

    • I think you’re right! I’m going to change the default example to pass the publisher.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Stephen

    Thanks for the great share!

    • You got it mang! Thanks for saying thanks!

  • Awesome, thanks. However, how are you tracking leads via p202 if the offers don’t accept those pixels? Or are they accepting pixels for you?
    Patrick’s latest blog post: Managing An Online Business While in School

    • I’m not sure exactly what you mean. So far I’ve only run Neverblue offers. They use “server to server” (postbacks) and the conversions show up perfectly. The only possible issue I’ve seen is 202 not always counting impressions properly. I think this has to do with the way 202 handles duplicate IPs. When looking at mobile stats, I select “Show All Clicks” and this seems to give more accurate data.

      Thanks for reading!

  • For postbacks, do you use this URL or something similar?

    That doesn’t seem to be working for me when I click “Add a Postback for this Campaign”. My conversions are not showing up in p202.

    Any more details would be much appreciated. Thanks!
    Patrick’s latest blog post: Managing An Online Business While in School

    • Yes, that URL should work fine. But you need to make sure you are adding Neverblue subid token to the end of that url.

      • What subid token specifically do you mean? I see the many tag references, but if my postback isn’t firing in the first place, I don’t see how the tags can be passed. When I post the global postback in the non site specific field with no tokens, it never shows up in p202 for conversions.

  • @patrick

    Yeah, Prosper202 doesn’t update automatically… You have to setup either the tracking pixel or Post Back URL… or do manual updates (YUCK!)

    With NeverBlue I like using the PostBack URL, it works awesome for all your campaigns.

    Set it up once and your done, all your conversion show up automagically in Prosper202…

    Go to Step #8 in P202 and copy your Global PostBack URL… Then go to NeverBlue > Tools > PostBack URL.

    Paste it in the Global non-site specific PostBack URL box and save…

    Simple and fast!

    Works great even with Prosper202 direct linking campaigns, unlike the tracking pixel…

    I hope that helps out.

    • Good advice! I would also add that firing pixels other than the post back type is super unreliable on mobile. That’s what makes Neverblue’s “server to server” post backs so good. They are fast, and don’t rely on things like cookies or images.

    • Cheers, I understand how pixels work, but global postbacks never show in p202 for me for some reason. But I’ve never been passing tags. If I just paste the postback URL in as you said, it never fires for conversions for some reason. I’ve tried on several offers. Does it have to be https? Thanks

  • Weird, yeah, it hasn’t been firing for me on Neverblue mobile. Do they have to be https? Cheers!
    Patrick’s latest blog post: Managing An Online Business While in School

  • swiftclick

    Awesome, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for sharing bro.

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for reading.

  • Can’t believe I didn’t see this until now. Really excited to try it for JumpTap.

    Thank you in advance!
    Tom Fang’s latest blog post: Excel Tutorial Series (Part 1): Manipulating Tracking Codes

  • This is sick…you are the man!

  • Awesome share! Thanks! ^^


    i cannot redirect using script above, do you know why?


    everytime i call mydomain.com/jumptap/file.php its not redirecting to anywhere.


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