Affiliate Cage Match Las Vegas

You just knew it was too good to be true.

As of yesterday, Shoemoney posted that his fight with Barman is off. Citing an injury he wrote the following:

“Call me a pussy or whatever but my knee is not worth re-injuring and my doctor said it would be really stupid for me to get in a mma fight”


Moving right along. My first thought was to find another opponent for Barman, who I’m sure, has been following a rigorous training regimen and gulping down 6 raw eggs every morning.

Opponents that come to mind:

Jonathan Volk, John Chow, and Ian Fernando.

My personal preference would be John Chow – if anyone deserves to be put into a Kimura for some useless blog posts it’s this guy. 😉 But seriously, any of these matchups would make a great title fight. But we still need some opening bouts.

Then I got to thinking… what about a Paid Forum Owner Battle Royale?

David “King of Pops” Ford vs. Jordan “the Stackman” vs. Will “PPC Coach” Haimerl vs. Ralph “Ruck” Ruckman & Ryan “Super Twin” Gray.

Now THAT’s a fight card.

Now I realize a lot of these guys are probably super busy. Especially Ruck & Ryan with their grueling schedule of making 37 blog updates a day. But surely they can make some time to do some rear naked chokes, can’t they?

I mean Nelly shmelly. I want to see some super affiliates take some Superman punches to the face!

If you’re with me, please sign this “petition” by leaving a comment below.

I mean seriously, what else are we going to do for entertainment?

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  • Ethan

    Would love to see John Chow get his ass whopped.

    • Me too. If he can tear himself away from eating Pho maybe we can coax him into the octagon!

  • Eat your vitamins and say your prayers brothers, ’cause whatcha gonna do when hulkamania runs wild on you!?

    • Nice!

      Now hurry up and order a couple dozen pre-ripped tear-away tank tops and you’re in business.
      ctrtard’s latest blog post: Affiliate Cage Match Las Vegas

    • We’ll hang an AffPlaybook banner behind ya D…

  • If I didn’t hurt my wrist a few months back I would’ve totally taken an exhibition fight. I will however sign this petition. Check.
    Mike Chiasson’s latest blog post: New Prosper 1.7 Proves 7% Faster

    • Well at least your wrist gave out before you went blind 😉

  • Jeff

    I hear this guy Anderson Silva writes a nice AM blog.

  • Too bad, Shoemoney already has the round card girls.
    Howie’s latest blog post: Why You Should Read Launch By Michael Stelzner


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