Wacky Prosper202 Tip #746

If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked be about this “problem” with their stats, I’d be able to buy a lot of beer.

When checking stats in Prosper202, you may have run into something that looks like this:

The above screenshot is from the Analyze > Landing Pages screen.  Notice how Clicks is the same as Click Throughs.

My landing pages aren’t THAT good.  I don’t have 100% CTR.   So what’s up?

Evil Dropdowns

Check out what my Aff Network/Campaign dropdowns are set to:

Now it might seem handy to be able to limit your view to a specific Affiliate Network, but think about what you’re asking Prosper to show you.

You’re saying “only show me results for THIS affiliate network”.  In this example, that network would be cpatrend.

What Would Prosper Do?

To do what you asked, Prosper checks its database and finds all the clicks that it can determine went to cpatrend.   The only way it can determine a click “belongs” to a cpatrend offer is if the visitor actually clicks through to the offer.

That’s why Clicks = Click Throughs.

The “Fix”

The fix is simple.  Clear your Aff Network dropdowns and refresh the stats.  Now you get something like this:

Phew!   The CTR now makes sense and all is right with the world.

You are now ready, Grasshopper.

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  • I haven’t had this specific problem, but great stuff. The most important thing is…The Tard lives! I was beginning to wonder – again. Even though your posts are few and far between, they are still some of the most interesting that I read, especially on the tech side. I’m not adding any value to this post, so I guess I’ll stop now!

    • LOL thanks for commenting man. All I heard was crickets in here!

      • No problem! Your blog rules (that is, when you post!). It would be awesome to meet sometime. Not in a creepy way – just sayin’ I’d buy ya a drink if I were in SD. I think you’d also be really cool to work with in some capacity.

  • Chris

    This has happened to me so many times!


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