Split Testing and Landing Page Rotation Script for PPV

Split testing kicks ass. Rotating landing pages to find which one converts best is the ticket to making you more money. Don’t be lazy, it’s not that hard!

If you’re experienced, I’ll cut to the chase. Here is my ppv landing page rotation script download link.  This script supports all major CPV networks, and allows even rotation via counter file or psuedo-rotation via random number. Read the comments in the file, you’ll figure it out. Enjoy 🙂

If you’re still a little bit hazy on exactly how to set this up, read on retard!

Directory Structure

The first thing I do is organize the landing pages for the campaign.  I’ll show you the method I use below.  I have found it allows me to keep things neat, organized, and consistent.  Keeping stuff simple let’s me focus on throwing up new campaigns quickly, over and over again.

Here is a screenshot of what a setup will look like:

1. I first create a directory for each offer I am going to test.

In this example, I chose to name the directory “auto”, because the offer is automotive related.   If I was going to run a dating offer, I might name the directory  “dating” or “black-dating”.  You can name it whatever you want, but make sure to keep it URL friendly. That means no spaces.

2. I create 1 directory for every traffic source I will be using.

I name these directories using abbreviations for the various CPV networks.  (ao = AdOn, dc = DirectCPV, li = LeadImpact, mt = MediaTraffic, tv = TrafficVance).  Inside each of these directories, I drop the two rotation script files: index.php and count.txt.  Make sure you set the count.txt file to writeable. (Chmod 777).

3. I create 1 directory for every landing page I will be testing.

I use names that are descriptive.  I also make sure to use the exact same name when I’m setting up each landing page in Prosper202.  This makes it a breeze to figure out what’s what.  In this example, I will be testing 8 different landing pages.

Setting Up The Campaign In Prosper202

If you have not already done so, add each PPV traffic source you will be using to your Prosper202 installation:

Click: Tracking202 > Setup > PPC Accounts

For this example, I have added: AdOn, DirectCPV, LeadImpact, and MediaTraffic.

If you have not already done so, add the campaign (offer) you will be testing to your Prosper202 installation.

Click: Tracking202 > Setup > #3 Aff Campaigns

Make sure you setup the Affiliate Url so it will correctly pass the subid.  Ask your CPA network or a buddy how to do this if you don’t know how.

Next, add the landing pages.

Click: Tracking202 > Setup > #4 Landing Pages

For “Landing Page Type” I use Simple. Since this is going to be PPV, I won’t be using multiple offers on the landing pages.

For “LP Nickname” I use the names of the landing page directories I have already created.  So for this example, I would add the 8 landing pages you see in the yellow section of the screenshot.  The LP Nicknames would be: plain-girl, plain-nycwoman, plain-sexy, stock-girl, etc.

For this example, the “Landing Page Urls” would be:


Next, we need to get the LP Code.

Click: Tracking202 > Setup > #6 Get LP Code

Get the “Landing Page Outbound Tracking Affiliate URL” and the “Inbound Javascript Landing Page Code” that Prosper202 generates.  Insert both into each landing page.  So for this example, I would add both pieces of code to /auto/plain-girl/index.html, auto/plain-nycwoman/index.html, etc.  Remember, you have to do this for each landing page. Each landing page will/must have its own unique LP code snippets.

Next we need to get tracking links.

Click: Tracking202 > Setup > #7 Get Links

We will need to get a Destination Url for each Landing Page and each PPV network it will run on.  In this example, I am using 8 landers and 4 traffic sources.   So I will be generating 32 tracking links (8 x 4 = 32).

I like to do this one PPV network at a time, working my way down the PPC Network dropdown menu.  So I would first do AdOn network.  I do the same with the Landing Page dropdown menu, I work my way down.  In the example, the first one I would do would be plain-girl / AdOn.  See pic:

So once I got all 8 destination links for AdOn, they would look something like this:


I usually have Notepad open and paste each url as I go.  I then move on to the next PPV network in the list.  In this example it would be DirectCPV.

When I’m done I have a Notepad file that’s got all 32 links I will need for the rotation scripts.  Make sure you separate each block of links according to each PPV network in the Notepad file.

Editing Rotation Script

The final step is adding all of destination urls/tracking links we got into the rotation scripts.  Again, just go down the list.  So first, I would open the file /auto/ao/index.php  (ao is for Adon, remember?)

Near the top of the script, you will see the section that allows you to add your landing pages.  This is where you paste the destination urls you just got.  So for this example, my rotation script lander section would look like this:

$lander[] = 'http://yourdomain.com/auto/plain-girl/?t202id=2171&t202kw=';
$lander[] = 'http://yourdomain.com/auto/plain-nycwoman/?t202id=3186&t202kw=';
$lander[] = 'http://yourdomain.com/auto/plain-sexy/?t202id=4194&t202kw=';
$lander[] = 'http://yourdomain.com/auto/stock-girl/?t202id=3206&t202kw=';
$lander[] = 'http://yourdomain.com/auto/stock-nycwoman/?t202id=1215&t202kw=';
$lander[] = 'http://yourdomain.com/auto/stock-sexy/?t202id=3225&t202kw=';
$lander[] = 'http://yourdomain.com/auto/stock1/?t202id=8231&t202kw=';
$lander[] = 'http://yourdomain.com/auto/stock2/?t202id=8249&t202kw=';

Notice, I just wrapped each destination url with $lander[] =’  and ‘

You will need to do this for each rotation script.  So in this example, I would have to edit 3 more files:


Edit each of these files as I have show you above.

PPV Tracking Links

Now, when it is time to set up a new campaign on the various PPV networks, you will use these as your destination Url’s:

DirectCPV: http://yourdomain.com/auto/dc/?vurl={{vurl}}

MediaTraffic: http://yourdomain.com/auto/mt/

LeadImpact: http://yourdomain.com/auto/li/

AdOn: http://yourdomain.com/auto/ao/?adon=SEARCHTEXT_PARTNERID

TrafficVance: http://yourdomain.com/auto/tv/?tvance=%%$KEYWORD%%

All of these point to the rotation script.  When the PPV network shows your ad, it will direct the user to your rotation script url.  The rotation script will then take over and show the user whichever landing page is due to be shown next.

That’s it! Make sure to test all of these url’s.  Refresh the page several times and you should see your various landing pages rotating through. Never launch a campaign without testing all your LPs and all your links!

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  • Dude,
    From a fellow PPC-Coach member, thanks for the step-by-step. I am just getting into CPV and this will help out a lot as I am really trying to build email lists and thus I create my own landers.


    • You’re welcome. I’m glad it helped out. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Gregg Sugerman

    Awesome post! I have been trying to figure out how to get this done for a few weeks. I’m going to follow your instructions and give it a go.

    Question: you’re saying rotate LP’s but could this exact same technique be used to rotate offers? Have one LP but pointing to multiple offers / find the winner / then send all the traffic to the one offer and then start split testing LP’s?

    • Glad you liked the post. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Yeah, you could totally use the same technique to rotate offers. You can even use the same script.

      Just make a copy of the script, and put it in the same directory as your LP. Name it something like “out.php” Then edit the script so all the $lander[] array elements are not links to LP’s, but links to offers (i.e. “Landing Page Outbound Tracking Affiliate URL”).

      The final step is change the links to the offer in your LP’s to link to the “out.php” script. That’s it. Your offers will rotate too.

  • ruben

    will the directcpv code work for both keyword and url campaigns?

    • Yes. I left that out, sorry. To use it for a keyword campaign, you just swap out the token {{vurl}} with {{keyword}}

      For a DirectCPV keyword campaign, you would just use this as your destination url:


  • Gregg Sugerman

    So the instructions would be the same:

    Step 1 instead of the offer, this would be the niche. Let’s say we keep this “Auto” if I was split testing/rotating auto insurance offers.

    Step 2- still create a directory for each traffic source

    Step 3- instead of creating a directory for each landing page, I am substituting that with a directory for each offer

    Am I right so far?

    • Kind sorta, not really 😉

      There is no need to create directories for each offer. Technically, you don’t even need one for each landing page, but doing it like this makes it WAY easier to manage and set up.

      Doing the offer rotation is a bit sticky. This is because AFAIK for Prosper202 to track it properly, you need to use Advanced Landing Pages. And even then, I am not convinced you will get proper statistics.

      I think this warrants its own post. I will look into it and once I get something that I know works I will post a tutorial like this one.

      In the meantime, some reading on the subject….



  • Simon T

    Hey man, this tutorial is so useful. i managed to follow every single step from beginning to end. it works so well, there is one thing, not working for me. it don’t show any click through data.. i am not sure why? do you have any idea what is the best way for me to troubleshoot?

    Thank a lot

    • If you mean CTR specifically, you can see this on the Analyze > Landing Pages screen. By default Tracking202 only shows “Real Clicks”. Change the dropdown to show “All Clicks” and you will see the multiple clicks from your PC’s IP. If you are viewing your landing pages and clicking on your offer links and still don’t see clicks after doing this, then you have done something wrong. Easiest thing is to start over and paste stuff again.

      • Simon T

        Hey man. Thanks a lot for the reply

        Yes i did the same setup another campaign. i have the same problem. Yes i am view it under “Analyze Incoming Landing Pages”. Yes i mean no data for “Click Throughs” and “CTR”.

        I did follow you step by step many time , read over many time too. I guess it is not your step wrong, but maybe i need to do something on server end to make it track the CTR? any possibility other issue i need to look for? example, maybe i need to name the file to .html instead of .php?


  • deffmar

    Great post, very helpful!

    One question. What If you want to rotate your LPs AND direct link as well. Will you just add your directlink into the rotation script? If yes, I understand that this MUST be a direct link that prosper generates in order to track it properly. So the direct link will look like this:
    http://trackingdomain.com/tracking202/redirect/dl.php?t202id=XXXX&t202kw= and i need to create it in Get Links in prosper and then include it in your rotation script.
    is that right?

    thanks in advance and thanks again for your script!

    • You got it exactly right. Just create your direct link through Prosper202 and you put that URL into the rotation script. Thanks for reading!

      • deffmar

        hey mate,

        just came back to thank you again for your tutorial(s) and scripts. everything works perfect!
        you are only few post away from getting into affbuzz 😉


  • Jake

    Quick question, if I’m running a campaign on Adon network using a third party called prosper202 basically the url they give you ends with kw= do I insert SEARCHTEXT_PARTNERID at the end of kw= has anyone tracked on Adon using prosper. All suggestions would be great. Thank you

    • If you follow the guide exactly, you will see at the very end I give you the exact url you should use for AdOn. Obviously, you should make sure “yourdomain.com” is replaced with your real domain and make sure the path is correct. ADOn will replace the token “SEARCHTEXT_PARTNERID” before passing the user to your lander.

  • Tom

    Thanks for your help! Very good info.
    One question is if I were to direct link I understand how to set it up, but how can i track my conversions? What code do i send to my affiliate network to be placed on the thank you page?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Not sure why you mentioned direct linking. Tracking conversions requires either use of a postback url or pixel. If your network supports a postback url, use that. Otherwise you need to get a pixel placed. In Prosper202 go to Setup > #8 Get Postback/Pixel. That is what you use. Ask your AM which one they support and ask them where to enter. Most networks let you do it in their campaign settings/interface.

      • Andrew

        Actually, and I’m sure it’s just an oversight, the MOST common method for tracking your conversions is not placing pixels or a postback, that’s difficult for people to manage, given the technical know-how/resources required to ingest and do something w/ a postback, etc. Want to get an AM pissed at you ? Starting running around asking them to place pixels for all the little tests you want to run for testing, it’s not worth their time/effort nor the advertisers if that’s what’s necessary. The method I think most people would agree makese sense is the subid reporting method – where you upload your stats directly into T202 (it will get them automatically w/ the paid version from LOTS of networks). Since T202 places it’s unique tracking ID as the subid, when you download your subid stats from the network, then upload them into T202, you get a matchback that shows you all the sales/conversion data your looking for.

        Not quit related, but kinda related – Desktop tools like StatsJunky can inegrate data in the same way to give you an affiliate earnings dashboard, but don’t breakdown source to earnings conversions – but sure a cool to look at.

        • Yup, for sure you can use subid tracking. But that involves more work. I’d rather spend my time putting up new campaigns. Using a automated tracking via postback url or pixels requires zero additional work on you part once it’s setup.

          I also agree that having to hound your AM to get pixels placed sucks. That’s why I prefer networks where the system is designed to handle placements for you. Off the top of my head: A4D, EWA and Neverblue. IMO, networks that don’t allow this type of functionality are way behind the times. We are using computers… everything should be automated.

          Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Thanks for the script and the excellent tutorial! It was of great help.
    I followed all the steps and the campaign is live now. I do see lots of clicks in Propser202 report but but for some reason my affiliate n/w (Neverblue) does not show any links at all.

    I am confused as to which URL I use in my landing page to send the visitor to the advertiser’s page, when they click on the button/link. Is this the URL I get from Tracking202 > Setup > #7 Get Links? Or the one I get from my affiliate offer page? Appreciate your feedback!

    • You want: Tracking202 > Setup > #6 Get LP Code

      This step will give you both the code that tracks the landing page impression AND the outbound link that goes to the offer page.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 😉

  • Correction: I meant to say my affiliate n/w (Neverblue) does not show any clicks/impressions at all.

    • This is probably related to your URL confusion. Maybe you aren’t linking to the offer page correctly? Always make sure you test your landing page. Click on the outbound links and make sure the offer page is displaying properly.

      I’ve never had any issues with Neverblue. However, sometimes they take their reporting offline for maintenance. The clicks still get tracked, but reporting is delayed. Usually they post a notice about this though. Double check your setup 😉

  • Chris

    thanks for posting this great script and tutorial! I hated p202 for the longest time (well.. I still do :P), and even went as far as to have a programming genius design me something wayyyy better, unfortunately its not done yet but when it is its going to wipe the floor with P202 for CPV tracking hands down. It’s packed full of features that will increase profits and reduce time in setting up campaigns ect. I find the main flaw with P202 is that they throw 20 different tracking tools into one clunky, confusing interface. Combine that with external scripts and it’s not very appealing to newbie marketers looking for a quick easy setup.

    Anywho, on to my question; I got everything setup as you described and I see the clicks for my landing pages but it doesn’t seem to track the clicks from my landing page to the offers I setup. I used the ‘create advanced landing page’ because I’m running 2 offers on my landing page, I applied given PHP redirect for each offer but it doesn’t seem to track correctly.. I went to Analyze > Landing Pages and Spy View but don’t see any clicks for the offer pages.

    Any advice would be a huge help! Great blog btw, can I somehow subscribe by email?

    • Hi, outbound clicks from your LP to the offer page should indeed be tracking. It sounds like you set everything up correctly. I would double-check your links. Also, in Spy View you should make sure to select “Show All Clicks”, otherwise clicks from your IP will be filtered out. If that doesn’t fix it, I would go through Setup again. I used this setup all the time, so I know it works. You might have just made a simple mistake.

      Your tracking sounds cool. Hit me up if you need a beta tester 😉 There are a lot of people looking for a different tracking solution right now. Especially one that is designed for CPV.

      I’m going to look into getting the subscribe by email thing setup. Check back soon.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Mag

    This may or may not be related to using tracking202 for cpv but let me know what you think.

    With an advanced landing page that has 2 offers. When I’m looking at the CTR under analyze > Landing pages. Is this CTR % for the first offer or both the first and 2nd offer ?

    I sure it’s CTR just for the 1st offer because that’s what I’m optimizing for.

    • The CTR you are seeing is for the Landing Page itself. Each outbound click is counted, regardless of which outbound link was used.

      So let’s say your LP has 100 Clicks. It would have a CTR of 50% if you got: (a) 50 clicks from offer #1, (b) 25 clicks from offer #1 and 25 clicks from offer #2, etc.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • Mag

        Hey thanks for your response. I got this answer from Nana and Wes today.

        [12:35:27 PM] Nana Gilbert-Baffoe: last offer that was clicked on. it’s just the entire click through
        if they click through on 2 offers
        its just 1 clickthrough for the landing page
        other wise 1 visitor, could have 2 click-throughs with a CTR of 200% & that wouldn’t make sense
        So… 1 visitors max, 1 click-through
        – Wes Mahler, Today 12:32 PM

        • Wow, OK when they put it like that, it makes perfect sense. Having a 200% CTR would be dumb. I guess I could have figured that out if I’d have thought it through with some other scenarios.

          Thanks for posting their reply 😉

  • Dan

    First…This tutorial has been a godsend. Thank you so much for taking the time to write something useful.

    Very important question….

    Is there a way you can track which PPV networks the conversions are coming from?

    I looked all throughout my Prosper install, and I can’t figure it out. This information would be vital, since I can cut unnecessary costs.

    • Following this guide exactly, you will see conversions coming in from the different networks. Overview > Group Overview is a good view I use a lot.

      • Dan

        Yeah…just caught that. Careless mistake on my part. =T

        On a separate note, know of anyone kind enough to provide a referral to TrafficVance? =)

  • Bobby

    I think TV recently updated the kw variable to {KeyWord}…with that being said, does it matter within the script whether we use {KeyWord} or %%%KEYWORD%%% ?

  • Bobby

    Hey Ctrtard, great script, I’ve made it work fine using the %%$KEWORD%% variable. I went in the index.php file and appended {KeyWord} at the end of the dest links, but when I do go to this url


    It gives me a link that looks like this instead


    I am just trying to make it match TV’s new kw variable. Any way to make this work?

    • You are correct, TrafficVance has changed their token from %%$KEYWORD%% to {KeyWord}

      However, the script requires no changes to work with this new token. I use it myself and it works just fine. So try the original, unchanged script and it should work OK for you.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Tracy

    Thanks for this! I keep searching for random PPV questions to get answered and stumbling upon your blog. It’s all great stuff.

    (needed the AdOn network token at the moment. Just in time =).

    Thanks again!

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Again, great post! Just getting back into PPV a little and will definitely be putting this to use.

  • Lenny

    Great post. this is the best way ive come across
    for rotating LP’S. thanks so much for posting this.

    Say i want to run POP’s and TEXT ads how do i add this to my URL so i know whats converting?

    Thanks Man!

  • Hey great stuff. Been looking for a way to integrate something to split test landers that im running though prosper and all the cpv networks. Now I need to figure out how to “attract” a higher CTR, so used to direct linking, but thats getting tougher and tougher these days.. thx for the script!

  • Great stuff man, i loved the logic behind the directory organization.

  • Ryan

    Are you using CPVLab for tracking now? If so, I’m assuming you’re no longer using this method or at least a simplified process since split testing seems much easier with cpvlab?

  • Rhawn

    I can’t tell you how handy this script is. For those starting out, saving a couple bucks by using 202 and scripts like this helps. Even if you don’t rotate landers with it, the ability to switch out ad links without re-approval from the ppv network is money.

    • That’s a good point actually. I used it for that reason myself on all campaigns I submit. I probably should have pointed that usefulness in the post above. Doh.

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

  • Ounjy

    Sickest script! I needed this as I had no idea how to pass the keywords with my script.

    BTW, do the comments in the script Have to be deleted, of they can just stay there with no problem?

    thanks again

    • You can leave the comments, they are ignored by the server.

      Glad you got something out of it. Thanks for reading!

  • Carl

    Thanks for sharing this script! It’s exactly what I was looking for.

    For some reason when MediaTraffic tries to pop my lander, something is messing up the URL. It’s removing the ‘?target_passthrough’. It sends them to ‘/lander_dir/index.phptargeturl.com’ instead of ‘/lander_dir/index.php?target_passthrough=targeturl.com’.

    They end up getting a 404 instead of seeing my lander.

    Fortunately I saw this after only spending $0.81 in traffic. Phew!

    Any ideas what the problem is?

    • Carl

      nevermind…i had put the wrong url’s in the ‘$lander[] = ‘ line. derp!

      • Glad you got it sorted. Thanks for reading!

  • Brad

    Another +1 for the great script. Quick question, and I hope it’s just a simple mistake I’m making. Prosper is showing “{keyword}” as the KW for every impression instead of the actual keyword.

    My destination URL is mysite.com/indexfile.php?kw={keyword}, which is your PHP script. All of my LP links in the PHP file have the {keyword} variable on the end but instead of passing the actual keyword, I’m just seeing “{keyword}” for every pop.

    Any suggestions? Trafficvance says it’s nothing on their end.

    • Brad

      Scratch that. Replaced indexfile.php?kw={keyword} with indexfile.php?tvance={keyword} and removed {keyword} variable from the end of LP URLs in the PHP file and it works perfectly.


  • Great post!

    and some insightful comments on ppv playbook too.

    I am trying to utilise your script by rotating an LP and a direct link, but it is not rotating as far as I can see, the variable is set to $use_count_file = 1; and the count.txt has been set for chmod 777. Tried to set the same file structure, but cannot work out why its not working, any helpful suggestion?


  • Another +1 for the great script. Quick question, and I hope it’s just a simple mistake I’m making. Prosper is showing “{keyword}” as the KW for every impression instead of the actual keyword.

    My destination URL is mysite.com/indexfile.php?kw={keyword}, which is your PHP script. All of my LP links in the PHP file have the {keyword} variable on the end but instead of passing the actual keyword, I’m just seeing “{keyword}” for every pop.

    Any suggestions? Trafficvance says it’s nothing on their end.

  • Dani

    Thanks for the script and the excellent tutorial!
    I am still confused as to which URL I use in my landing page to send the visitor to the advertiser’s page.
    I saw your answer:
    “Tracking202 > Setup > #6 Get LP Code.
    This step will give you both the code that tracks the landing page impression AND the outbound link that goes to the offer page.”
    But it is not enough to just add the java script code.
    Let’s say I have image and I want to redirect visitor to advertiser’s landing page when he clicks on the image.
    How do I do it technically? What should be the code?

    • 202 gives you two pieces of code in this step. (A) is Inbound Javascript Landing Page Code. (B) Landing Page: Outbound PHP Redirect Code

      Assuming you pasted the Inbound code into your landing page as instructed, to setup a link as you asked, you do the following:

      Create a new file in your landing page directory for the offer and paste the Outbound code in there. Let’s say you name the file “offer1.php”. Now all you do is link to it from your landing page. You can do this:

      <a href=”offer1.php”>Click Here!</a>

      To use an image you just wrap the image in an <a> tag like so:

      <a href=”offer1.php”><img src=”mypicture.jpg”></a>

      This is standard html stuff. If you have further questions about html links in general, I highly suggest you seek out some simple/basic html tutorials. You will find a lot of them and it’s important you learn the basics.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Dani

        Thanks for response!
        I am familiar with html.

        I was confused by the phrase:
        Get the “Landing Page Outbound Tracking Affiliate URL” that Prosper202 generates and insert it into each landing page.

        I thought you meant “Outbound Javascript Redirect Code” and my question was about it.

        I guess I understand the confusion reason – maybe the interface was different when you wrote the article.

        By the way, I am using linkshiftr for rotation – http://lin.sh/RF1686
        It is very simple, but paid service.


        • You are 100% correct. Prosper202 updated their interface soon after this post was published. Hopefully anyone else have problems will read these comments 😉

          Never heard of linkshiftr, looks interesting. Thanks for the tip.

  • Paul

    Thanks to the awesome tutorial and script I use it now in all my campaigns!

    However I’ve found that when I use Plenty of Fish, I can’t get their tokens to append into the reports on propser202.

    following the logic of the above tutorial I ad the token to the Landing page step 8 in prosper. eg.{creativeid:}to the end of the link like so:


    but when viewing the reports I only see “{creativeid:}” rather than the the value.

    I’m probably missing something totally obvious but any help would be appreciated!


    • That should work just fine, assuming that is the correct syntax for POF.

      I haven’t run any POF stuff in a long time. Check in their UI or with your account manager. There may be some checkbox in their UI you need to tick to get it to pass data. Otherwise, make sure your token is correct.

      If you figure out the solution, please post back here to help other people in the same boat.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Paul

    edit above, that should be step#7 of propser! duh!

  • Hey, thanks for the info ctrtard, this script looks like it’s going to be really useful. Does this ONLY work for PPV networks?

    If I’m running offers on azoogle/EWA/NB, will it pass my KW through properly? I’m not a PHP expert, but I noticed that the KW seems to only be passing for the PPV networks as listed below:

    if (count($lander) < 1) die ('Error! No landing pages are defined.');

    if (isset($_GET['vurl'])) { // DirectCPV — replaces {{vurl}} and {{keyword}}
    $kw = $_GET['vurl']; // Make destination url like this: http://yourdomain.com/?vurl={{vurl}}

    } elseif (isset($_GET['target_passthrough'])) { // MediaTraffic — appends target_passthrough= var. Must enable "Target Pass-through".
    $kw = $_GET['target_passthrough']; // Make destination url like this: http://yourdomain.com/

    } elseif (isset($_GET['tvance'])) { // Traffic Vance — replaces %%$KEYWORD%%
    $kw = $_GET['tvance']; // Make destination url like this: http://yourdomain.com/?tvance=%%$KEYWORD%%

    } elseif (isset($_GET['keyword'])) { // Lead Impact — appends keyword= var. Must enable "keyword pass-through".
    $kw = $_GET['keyword'] ; // Make destination url like this: http://yourdomain.com/

    } elseif (isset($_GET['adon'])) { // AdOn Network — replaces SEARCHTEXT and PARTNERID
    $kw = $_GET['adon'] ; // Make destination url like this: http://yourdomain.com/?adon=SEARCHTEXT_PARTNERID

    • Yes this works fine for stuff other than PPV. I’ve run this to offers in NB and EWA myself. The key is to put your Aff link into 202 the correct way. Then use 202’s [[subid]] token in the right place.

      Ask your AM for help if this is confusing. Thanks for reading!

  • Mike

    Does this pass the keyword from leadimpact?

  • Ahmed

    You make us look like tards with your kick ass posts

    Keep it up buddy

    • Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • thierry

    love the script, i followed every step, and when i go to the url’s provided by prosper all works well every llp is showing in the right directory etc but when i paste the code for MT and directcpv (ofcourse i changed the yourdomain into my domain) i see an error page from my webhost and no rotating url’s, what did i do wrong here?
    tnx in advance

    • Hi not sure what error you are seeing. Without that it’s tough to know how to advise.

      • thierry

        tnx for answering this is what i get “404 Error File Not Found
        The page you are looking for might have been removed,
        had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

        if i paste the url’s given to me by prosper they work like a charm ex: mydomain/auto/landingpage1 etc, but when i use the url you showed for MT and directcpv beeing mydomain/auto/mt i get the error, i followed every step to the letter so i don’t know what i did wrong, any suggestions? tnx in advance

      • David

        This was the only post that made sense to me. Thanks ctard! I just have a quick question. when in go into my tracking202. I can only see the clicks for the /li folder. it does not separate which clicks went to which landing page. Would you have an idea of what i am doing wrong? thanks again.

  • Dani

    Thanks for sharing the directory structure and step-by-step process. I’ve set up the campaign on P202 as per the instructions and it’s working.I’m using it to rotate 3 landing pages for the one single offer, from one network. Any ideas if rotation script works with Leadimpact?

    • Yes this works with LI. Thanks for reading!

      • Dani

        Thanks again for confirming!

        Had only one confusion about the following part….

        “Next, we need to get the LP Code.

        Click: Tracking202 > Setup > #6 Get LP Code

        Get the “Landing Page Outbound Tracking Affiliate URL” and the “Inbound Javascript Landing Page Code” that Prosper202 generates. Insert both into each landing page. So for this example, I would add both pieces of code to /auto/plain-girl/index.html, auto/plain-nycwoman/index.html, etc. Remember, you have to do this for each landing page. Each landing page will/must have its own unique LP code snippets.”

        As per P202, ‘Inbound javascript’ is to be pasted on landing page code. And ‘Outbound redirect code’, is to be pasted in a separate file, and we name it something like ‘redirect.php’, for each landing page. Again we add this ‘redirect.php’ as a destination URL to each landing page code, which enables cloaking. If we are testing 3 landing pages, there will be 3 redirect.php files, in that case do we name them as redirect_1.php, redirect_2.php … ?

        Just confused about this part, can you help?

        • Based on your own description above, each of these LP’s is in a different directory.

          Therefore there is no reason to rename redirect files. You can leave them each as redirect.php in their own directories.

          Try it.

          • Dani

            Thanks a ton for offering clarity and taking time to answer my newbie question.

            Yes, the LPs are in separate directories. I got it, my first PPV campaign should be running soon.

            Again thanks, for wonderful support you are offering thorough this blog.

  • Dani

    We need to test every link and landing pages before launching a campaign. Now my campaign is set, and all landing pages are working.

    However, when I generate links in Step 7 – ‘Get links’ in P202, and paste them into address bar, instead of showing landing pages it shows the contents of each landing page directory, i.e. image.gif, landingpage.html, and redirect.php. I created the campaign again but it shows the same result. My campaign is on Hostgator, and I asked them to turn off Mod_security after searching through forums and this is the response they sent…
    “We have checked the server and we are not seeing any mod_security rules being hit. With out knowing what rule is being hit we cannot unblock anything in mod_security. We also cannot turn of mod_security because it would make the server vulnerable to malatious scripts.”

    Any clues how does one solve this issue?

    • Dani

      It’s solved by Hostgator. It was not about mod_security, we need to name the landing pages as index.html, if we name them something else the tracking links generated on step#7 don’t work.

  • Andrew

    Thank you for the awesome script! It works like a charm, but I am currently using this script on exoclick and the {src_hostname} doesn’t seem to work. The link I put into exoclick is formatted like the following ‘http://yourdomain.com/auto/plain-girl/’. And in the script, I would put the link from 202 formatted like the following ‘http://yourdomain.com/auto/plain-girl/?t202id=2171&t202kw={src_hostname}’. The dynamic tag works if I put the link from 202 directly into exoclick, but it does not work when I use the script. What am I doing wrong? Thanks again!

  • WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for adon network

    • Sweet! Glad you found it useful. Thanks for commenting!

  • Great Walk Trough!

    What link do you place on the actual lander buttons to direct people TO the offer? I’ve read your walk through a few times over but couldn’t seem to find the answer?

    Traffic Source–>Rotation.php–>Lander–>????–>Offer.

  • Hi Ctrtard and anyone..
    I’ve done setup my rotating landing page. But now the problem is, LeadImpact don’t allowed rotating anymore.

    Do you have any suggestion for PPV network beside TrafficVance?

    • Adon Network and 50onRed

      • Thanks. 50onRed would be my first choice.

  • Derrek

    Why is there a url error popping up every time I copy/paste my url into the new trafficvance interface because trafficvance obviously don’t know why because they never called me or emailed me back to fix this problem so I come to your blog to hopefully find the answer to fix this problem so I can hit play to start my campaign thanks in advance?

    Important note: It’s about 20 url errors which are the same urls I’m trying to upload. I tried uploading them in a csv file and also tried uploading them manually and it’s still saying there is a error. Below I provided images of this error I’m experiencing so you can have a clear view of this problem if you know the answer to fix it thanks in advance.


  • Derrek

    Why is there a url error popping up every time I copy/paste my url into the new trafficvance interface because trafficvance obviously don’t know why because they never called me or emailed me back to fix this problem so I come to your blog to hopefully find the answer to fix this problem so I can hit play to start my campaign thanks in advance?


  • Probably the most detailed post I’ve seen and the download really helps. I just help but feel like there’s an easier way to do this if i’m only testing CTRs


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