LeadImpact Doesn’t Allow Landing Page Rotations

We all know split testing landing pages and offers is important, but not all advertising networks are OK with it.

I recently put up the same campaign across 3 CPV networks: DirectCPV, MediaTraffic, and LeadImpact. All of these pointed to a landing page rotation script. The script would rotate between all 8 landers I made. DirectCPV and MediaTraffic approved the destination URL but LeadImpact did not. I got the following email:

Dear CtrTard:

One or more of your keywords were disapproved for the reason(s) listed below.

Campaign: XXXXX
Destination page: mydomain.com/rotation/

-Please direct users to the clicked-through url (www.offerpage.com) and not the existing landing page you have loaded.

For more info see LeadImpact code of conduct.

Thank You,
LeadImpact Team

This email didn’t make much sense to me. After reading over the code of conduct, I could not figure out what rule I was violating. So I decide to email them back and ask for more clarification. Here is the response I received:

Hi CtrTard

What this means is that a user should be directly taken to the offer page you are promoting, in this case www.offerpage.com. They should not have to click on an additional link because our contextual advertising eliminates the click-through process

Please let us know if you have further questions.

Thank you,
LeadImpact Account Specialist

“a user should be directly taken to the offer page you are promoting”. So that means no landing page to presell the offer?

I knew for a fact that people used landers on LeadImpact to presell offers, so I ran this info past some members of the PPV Playbook forum. Everyone who replied told me that the problem was the rotation script itself. LeadImpact does not allow optimizing landers this way. The only solution is to create new campaigns for each landing page and split test the old, lame, slow, retarded way.


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  • Charlie

    I actually read about this on the PPVPlaybook forum, and if I’m not mistaken it was you that started the thread, anyways, that’s why I didn’t do a rotating campaign with them.

    I wonder why they don’t allow it, I also wish they were easier to get a hold of, is there any way to ever call them? I’ve never seen a number on their site. When do you get a campaign manager assigned?


    • Yeah, that was me. I’m not sure why they don’t allow it.

      I also haven’t tried just redirecting to a rotation script once they approve it. I’m not sure if they bother to check the LP later. Might be worth a shot.

      I have never tried to contact them. Maybe someone on the ppvplaybook forum has a point of contact?

  • Rj

    Contact Lisa at Lead Impact, she’s my rep there are extremely helpful! lshepard at leadimpact dot com (hope she doesn’t mind the referral? Please respect it guys!)

  • makki

    Leadimpact isn’t what it used to be. Conversions are way down and bids are high. I prefer to use linksador, tv and mediatraffic

    • Agreed. The bid starting price is higher than other networks and that sucks right off the bat!

      Thanks for reading & commenting.

  • Pretty late I know but I am using rotation within cpvlab without any problems yet. Did you tried that also?

    • No but it is supposed to work great for those that have CPV Lab.

      Thanks for reading!


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