CPV Lab TrafficVance Webinar Notes

Brandon Clark from CPV Lab hosted a pretty interesting webinar earlier this week on Dec 7th.  His guest was Grayson Gold from TrafficVance.   The webinar started off with some background questions and some general info about TrafficVance then got even more interesting.  Here are my notes…

Regular Stuff

TV has approximately 12 million active users, mostly in the USA.  Grayson described it as “a slice of middle America … skews slightly older”.  He described the average user as a mid-west housewife,  age 38-42, married with 2 kids.

TV uses two installers to serve ads: GameVance and PlaySushi.  GameVance allows for CPV pops and CPC text links.  PlaySushi  only allows for CPC text links.

TV just started allowing pops internationally.  They are focusing on English speaking countries for now (i.e. Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand).

Offers that are hot on TV: Lead Gen in both Education and Financial niches.

When asked if TV was pop-under or pop-over, Grayson said he has been told it’s pop-under, but he believes it’s a pop-up.  Internally, they refer to it as a pop-under.   So I guess the jury is still out.  For my money, it’s a pop-under.

What’s the difference in volume between pops and text links?  Pops are limited to 4 per day, per user.  The interval between pops is 10-15 minutes at a minimum.  The system is optimizing based on a variety of factors including: length of time the consumer is in front of their PC and which targets they are triggering.  The pops they see and when they see them are directly related to their browsing habits.   Text links on the other hand never cap out.  They are on 24/7.  Every web site the user visits, the system will identify 2-4 high value words on the page.  It then turns those into the CPC text links.   So the volume of this format is much higher.

TV on the back end has the ability to target by IP range.  Translation: geo targeting is possible by state.  There are plans down the road for allowing for this type of targeting.  But for now, this is only available to certain advertisers with special cases.

Your account balance does not affect the speed at which pops are served.

Categories don’t really do anything.  Right now they are not using them for targeting.   They are being used internally so they can slice and dice data.   Right now, if you choose one over the other, it will not affect how ads are served.

Juicy Stuff

Things started to get interesting, when the following question was asked:

“Can Grayson comment on the fact that text links are appearing on landing pages, so in effect, TrafficVance is double dipping? Are there any plans to deal with this problem?  Or is it even view as a problem?”

For my 9 loyal readers, this problem is no surprise. I wrote about fixing ppv leaks.  While that post didn’t get a lot of comments, I sure hope you guys are implementing the fixes or you’re surely flushing money down the toilet.

But I digress.  Grayson’s answer to the question was a real shocker.  He basically said …  “We dont’ view it as a problem.”  And then said “You’re not being charged for these text links.  …. I don’t see it as double dipping.”



Well I guess that’s valid— since TrafficVance sure as hell must love the extra revenue — why would THEY see it as a problem?  PRO TIP: a better answer might have been:  “I can see why some of our customers would have a problem with this.  Unfortunately, the gamevance software is simply doing its job and hyperlinking what it considers to be high value keywords.”   And better still: “I can certainly pass on you concerns to the higher ups”.

Granted, the guy was on the spot, but I find it hard to believe that this is the first they have heard of this type of concern.   Therefore I can only think that the decision has been made with TrafficVance to sort of ignore the issue and hope it kind of goes away.

The alternative explanation is: They don’t care and are happy to charge YOU for a pop, then allow ANOTHER ADVERTISER  to place  text link on YOUR lander and charge THEM for the click.  I call Double Dipping!

Another shocker for me was to hear the reaction to a question posed about a (at the time) rumored ppv spy tool.   There were posts about this on ppvplaybook forum months ago and someone was actually asking for beta testers.   The tool is designed to ping various domains (targets), and take a screen shot of the pops.   So if you sign up for this paid service, you can spy on what other affiliates are popping.

“There have been rumors about a soon to be release “ppvspy”  platform..  From what I’ve heard it will cache pop-ups on various targets as  they appear over time.  If this is ever released to the public, what kind of  stance/response can we expect from TrafficVance?”

When asked about this Grayson said (twice) “I guess that can be a good thing”.   LOL.   Wow.  This is not the kind of answer I expected.  He then went on to say “I don’t know if I have a stance on it or if we as a company have  stance on it.” … “Anyone who has it [gamevance] installed can see the pop-ups and they can hit print screen”.  “We don’t know you are an affiliate.  So if the app is installed, it does what it’s told to do.  It serves ads.  Period. ”

Don’t even get me started why I think a ppv spy tool released to the public is a dumb fucking idea.  I’d be willing to bet a few of the bigger players already have their own technology and are banking because of it.  Releasing it into the wild is just stupid and is going to cause a lot of problems with copy cats, etc.

All in all, there was some great stuff in the webinar.  Thanks to Brandon and the guys at CPV Lab for setting this up.  And thanks to Grayson for answering all the questions posed to him.  It was far more interesting than I anticipated and I learned a lot 😉


As of today, 12-10-2010, BevoMedia has announced the upcoming release of the “Game Changing”  PPV Spy Tool.   Anyone up for starting a pool to see how long this service lasts?

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  • Wow, Grayson doesn’t even know if it’s a popover or a popunder? FAIL

    • LOL. Yeah I was kind of thinking the same thing. My money is on pop-under.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Great post man! I was going to get on that call but I’ve seen the CPV Lab pitch 2x so I figured it would be a repeat. (I’m planning to buy it once I find the extra cash.)

    Glad you took notes for us. Thanks!

    • Yeah this webinar actually didn’t contain a pitch at all, it was pure Q&A. FWIW, I’ve only heard good things about CPV Lab so I think it will be a good purchase.

      According to Brandon they are going to try and do a webinar every week. So hopefully more good stuff down the line.

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

  • Dimmock

    Great info, was going to tune in but must of got side tracked. As for the PPVspy tool, there was a guy asking for beta testers for a similar tool on wickedfire but then about a week later sent a email saying he was stopping developement. Don’t know the reason why but I would hope Trafficvance would show some ‘interest’ in tools like these and proceed accordingly. As for the bevo tool, I hope it doesn’t affect peoples campaigns, because if it does bump costs then a lot of big spenders are probaly going to be in contact with their rep’s.

    Anyway, just my $0.02.

    • I think the guy asking for beta testers got paid/bought out by Bevo because in the Bevo email announcement today they wrote this “We have successfully prevented 2 separate companies from launching this tool…”

      It should be interesting to see how this plays out. The tool is breaking TOS and caching copyrighted LP’s and selling that data for a profit is certainly treading in some shady territory.

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

  • Gregg

    Is it really 9 loyal readers or are you counting me twice?

  • That is some shady moves on trafficvance. I guess when you are the kings you can do whatever you want though.

    • True dat!

      Thanks for reading 😉


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