Stop PPV Leaks on Your Landing Pages

You’re Losing Money

In case you didn’t know, your landing pages are probably leaking like a sieve.  PPV networks like TrafficVance are siphoning visitors away from your landers using their text links ads.  If someone on their network buys traffic for a particular keyword that happens to be on your page, anyone with the Gamevance software installed will see that keyword hyperlinked to an ad.  But I’ll bet you already knew that, right?

Here’s the Really Ridiculous Part

TrafficVance puts text link ads on it’s own pop-ups.  That means, if you’re popping landers on TrafficVance, that very pop-up can have text links for another campaign and robbing you of a visitor.


What can you do about it?  There’s a good thread on PPV Playbook Forum where one member had a really elegant solution. His idea was to make all the text on your page a hyperlink.   Could it really be that easy? I finally got around to testing this and it works like a charm!

Check It

This is the text you want to protect. It’s a link but it looks like regular text.

This text is also a link, it’s just red.

This is a normal link

The Code

<a class="myStyle noPop" href="#">This is the text you want to protect. It's a link but it looks like regular text.</a> 
 <a class="myStyle2 noPop" href="#">This text is also a link, it's just red.</a> 
 <a href="">This is a normal link</a>


The solution above uses CSS to re-style links so they look like regular text.   I put in 2 examples on line 16 and 18 that show how you set the classes for the <a> tag.   The myStyle classes let you color the text however you want.  You can add as many of these kinds of styles as you need. The noPop class removes the underline that normally appears with links and forces the cursor to look like an arrow. You can see how it’s possible to assign 2 classes to the <a> tag so we get it looking perfect.

You can, of course, fill out the href with URL’s, but the point of this is to show how you can make text a link, without it looking or acting like one.

This code above has been tested with GameVance installed.  GameVance won’t hyperlink on any text protected in this way.


Update: 10/22/2010 6:00PM

jQuery Option

Thanks to Barman of for this solution using jQuery.  He doesn’t recommend loading jQuery just for this though.

This is not tested 100%… it seems to remove the textlinks with Internet Explorer but they persist with Firefox (not that it matters too much, there arent many FF enabled PPV users).

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>// call jquery<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
$(document).ready(function(){ // standard Doc ready function
$('.GVAdLink').contents().unwrap; // if you already have jquery setup, then you only need this line of code.
// ]]></script>

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  • gregg

    outstanding….thanks Tard!

    • You’re welcome, thanks for reading!

  • This has been been annoying me for a while. Thank you.

    What’s even more annoying is folks who bid on the URLs of the offers you’re sending traffic to… Some networks are annoyingly selfish or stupid to pop the user multiple times in a very short period of time – So you send the user to an offer and as soon as the URL loads, up comes another pop-up with that same page.

    There are ways to prevent this depending on the network – For HotBar (LeadImpact) doing IFRAMEs prevents the hotbar from seeing the URL on the address bar (tested earlier this week). Others are more complicated – Worst-case scenario we’re all going to be piping the pages some other way. Lame.

    • Good stuff Slave Rat. They are supposed to have timers in place to prevent the double pop. I agree that’s total bullshit. One network I work with handles this problem with cookies. The first cookie gets the lead. But obviously this isn’t how most networks handle it. People can make good money bidding on offer urls.

      You should do a post about the iframe method on

  • Excellent idea

    • Thanks! Thanks for reading.

  • Very cool and some good info, I was not even aware of this.

    • Glad you liked it. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Ethan

    Nice tip. How do you like being a member of PPV Playbook forum? Is it worthwhile to join?

    • Hi Ethan, it’s a great forum. Lots of great stuff in there that is PPV specific and now they have subforums for everything from PPC to mailing. You also get access to all the Affportal tools and they keep adding to that too.

      The best part: most members are super helpful and it’s still small enough to where people feel comfortable sharing good info they don’t post in public.

      If you’re feeling generous, here is my aff link 😉

      PPV Playbook Private Coaching

  • Volkan

    This is excellent. Thank you for sharing.

    • You’re welcome thanks for reading!


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