Gauher does 7search

Guru guy Gauher Chaudhry posted a pretty cool video the other day about

You’ve probably already heard of 7Search, but in case you haven’t, it’s a 2nd tier PPC search engine that usually get’s a bad rap.  It is generally considered crap traffic and full of click fraud.  I tried using 7search a few times myself.  A long time ago, I tried some 7search -> MFA site arbitrage which never made any decent coin.   Last year, I tried scaling a PPC campaign I was running on Adwords and it failed miserably.  I just couldn’t get traffic from 7search to convert.

Anyway, in the video Gauher shows a campaign for the month of Jan 2010. He got 9 million impressions and 15,000 clicks for about $1,172.  His average CPC was $.08.  He doesn’t reveal the niche or keywords but says that on Google Adwords, the average CPC would have been $.40 just to be in 2nd or 3rd position.  His revenue was $2,500 and he says this ROI is way better than the 30% he was getting from a similar campaign on Adwords.

The rest of the video is him setting up a direct link campaign for an offer on Neverblue.  He shows how to pass the keyword using the ###KEYWORD### token, get keywords, manage the campaign, etc.  He really goes into detail it’s a good watch, especially for newbies— but I think anyone not used to 7search would get a lot out of it.

Here is a link to the full video:

Start Making Money In Just A Few Hours

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