Poor Man’s Fake User Review Generator

Fake review sites have been popular for quite a long time now. The whole idea is to build trust on your landing page by showing how other people have rated a product.

Even with the recent news about the FTC cracking down on flogs and fake review sites, people are still doing this stuff.  Case in point, Nicky Cake’s Build Solid Automated Product Sites With WordPress post of a couple weeks ago.   I guess people just figure this will be almost impossible for the FTC to police so they are moving ahead business as usual.

Mr. Cakes recommends the WF Review plugin.  I haven’t tried it myself, but the demo videos look pretty good.  Hmm… $139?  What if you’re broke?

CTRtard to the rescue! Introducing…

Poor Man’s Fake User Review Generator


  • Generate an unlimited amount of fake reviews
  • Add as many reviewer names as you want
  • Add as many rating fields as you want
  • Control the minimum and maximum amount of stars to rate each field
  • Control the date range of reviews
  • 100% Free


Now, keep in mind, this is not a WordPress plugin, but you could of course, use it in WordPress by pasting the output below your posts or pages.  This is a free, low tech, solution to spitting out reviews to paste at the bottom of your landing pages.

The reviewer names are stored in the file names.txt  This is just a simple text file.  You can easily add more names.  I put a few in to get you started, but you will definitely want to add way more.

The star can easily be changed.  I borrowed it from the gd-star-rating plugin.  You could make your own stars by following the same format and saving it as a transparent png.




Download poor-mans-fake-user-review-generator.zip

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  • John

    I’d check out MyReviewPlugin… I mean, this is cool, but MyReviewPlugin (and WF Review and stuff) do a lot more than just that. Cool CSV importing functionality combined with bulk user contribution editing allows you to build really big high quality websites right from say… Commission Junction feeds.

    Its an easy way to make a pile of money. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now.

    • Inigo Montoya

      These words, “high quality websites”. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

  • John

    Also just to add check out WP Review Engine and Reviewspress as well if you want to see some other competition. Reviewspress is really weaksauce, but WPRE is pretty good competitor.


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