NickyCakes: Selling Shovels to Gold Miners

It’s been written many times that the people who really get rich during a gold rush are the ones selling the picks and shovels.

Lots of affiliate bloggers market to affiliates in one way or another. Justin Dupre has his Affiliate Store, ShoeMoney has ShoeMoney tools, Amish Shah has the recently launched “Magic Bullet System”, and those are just off the top of my head.

Enter “LP Lockdown“. Cakes announced this yesterday and it looks pretty interesting. Among the interesting stuff:

The Cloaker: LPLockdown has cleverly collected a list of over 150,000 ip addresses of internet marketers from various sources. ….some landing page thief is on google looking for a page to steal, clicks your ad, …. If you have LPLockdown enabled, he is sent somewhere else instead.

Sweet! So cakes chat,, and God only knows what else are just giant IP honey pots to grab our IP’s? Maybe I can sell him some ip’s from here! ….Crap. Never mind, I keep forgetting nobody reads this blog.

The Monitor: Using hidden code on your landing page, LPLockdown will notify you the minute someone manages to steal your page and move it to their own hosting.

I guess this is a decent 2nd line of defense, but anyone savvy enough to bypass the redirects shouldn’t have a problem ripping the javascript. I mean, if they had to dick around and use a proxy or whatever just to see the page, they are certainly going to be on guard for other countermeasures, right? And from a marketing standpoint, it does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling about how secure the cloaker is.

Creative Loss Prevention: Ok, so lets say someone manages to steal your page. …LPLockdown can instruct the stolen landing page to send all the thief’s traffic back to your own page. Or, you could wait until they grab a $10,000 a day media buy before springing the trap….You can also do fun things like rewrite all the links on his page, turning them into your own affiliate links.

I think this last part is mostly sizzle and not really steak. Sounds fun and appeals to the whole “fuck you thief!” thing, but I can’t imagine many thieves falling for this. But who knows…maybe I’m wrong. There are a lot of dumbasses out there.

Anyway the price is $50/month. It is hosted on Nicky’s/LP Lockdown’s servers — so they are privy to your data.

Props for the idea. If it works, gains traction despite the trust issues, and delivers on it’s promises, this could make a nice recurring income.

But one thing keeps bugging me. As I see more and more people in the industry creating products and services, I wonder: are they they are just hedging their bets? Or do they know something I don’t about the future of the industry?

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  • sebastian

    yes I do read your blog.

    And its never a good idea to use server side scripts made by affiliates….specialle when its a reformed blackhatter LOL

    • OK.. I stand corrected, I can sell him 1 IP address 😉 Thanks for reading!

  • Haha, nice man. But ya I agree with you, selling the shovels is the way to go, if you want to make it big.


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