Need Some Custom Code?

If you have a project big or small and want to hire me, drop me a line.  Sure I give away lots of tips and scripts on by blog, but sometimes it just makes sense to focus on what you’re better at and offload the programming to someone else.

Executive Summary

I’m available for web development.  Just use the contact form and give me some info about what needs to be done.  We can discuss further via email, skype, or phone.

If you need more convincing, read on…

CTRtard vs. oDesk

Why would you hire me vs outsource to someone on Elance, oDesk, or vWorker (formerly Rentacoder)?

You will certainly be able to find someone cheaper.  In fact, I’ve hired quite a few people through vWorker myself over the years.  But it depends on the job.   Overall, my experiences have been mediocre.  The smaller and simpler the project, the more smoothly it went.   But that left me wanting.

I’m a marketer myself and I “get it”.  Plain and simple.  You won’t need to explain what a landing page is, how tracking works, what subids are, what an opt-in form is, or how post back urls work.   We’re already on the same page.  That in and of itself will be a huge time saver.   If you work with me, I’m sure you’ll find that refreshing.  And don’t worry if you aren’t very technical or don’t know some of those terms, describing what you need/want in layman’s terms is OK too.  I can help.

I’m proactive.   During development, if something isn’t making sense  or I have an idea of how things might be streamlined, expanded upon, or improved, I’ll tell you.   In my experience, finding a developer with this visionary quality is really rare.  And this goes hand in hand with the marketing background part.  Unless they “get” the industry and have experience with related projects, they won’t be able to do this half as well as I can no matter how smart and talented they are.

Avoid the Traps

I’ve hired plenty of outsources, and almost universally, I run into the same issues:

1. If the site (e.g. vWorker) releases escrowed funds the first and fifteenth of the month, you can bet that 90% of the people you hire will drag their feet until the deadline.  Then, with just hours to go before the cut-off, they quickly submit the code and beg/demand that you accept the work as complete so they can get paid the next day.  In this scenario, you’ve got zero time to test the code.   If you agree, you end up paying for sloppy, buggy code and have to rely on the worker to be ethical and conscientious  and fix the issues.  If you refuse to accept the work, you create animosity and get a worker who’s even less motivated to finish the job.  You can, of course, cancel the job… but now you’ve wasted precious time.  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

2. You want an enhancement done to the code but the person who did the original work is nowhere to be found.  This forces you to waste time and post a new project, sift through bids, answer questions, and finally bring the new person up to speed and cross your fingers.  I’m not going anywhere and I’ll be here if you need some tweaks or enhancements down the road.

3. Communication with outsourced workers is almost always lacking.  Many times it would take a full day between email replies. To make matters worse, when I did get a reply, the worker almost always neglected to answer all of my questions or address all of the issues I brought up.  This made progress achingly slow and is unacceptable in a business environment.  English is my first language.  And sometimes that matters.  For sure, it saves time.   In addition, I live in Southern California.   If you live in North America, or South, our similar time zones make communication much easier.  I’m on AIM and Skype during business hours.  While working on a project, I don’t fall off the face of the earth for days at a time like some other developers do.  I also try to be as clear as possible when working on a project.  If something isn’t clear in any material I’m given, I ask questions, I don’t assume.

Areas of Expertise

In addition to general web development and all things PHP/MySQL, here are some more areas that I’ve got experience with:

Web Scraping
Web Automation
Windows Desktop Automation
Conversion Tracking & tracking software like Tracking202
Data Feed & API Integration

Parting Info

  • I’m honest and charge a fair rate.  You pay for real work time, nothing more.
  • If I get the job done in less time then I quoted, that’s all you pay for.
  • If I think something is going to take a really long time, I’ll tell you.
  • If it’s not something I’m comfortable with, I’ll tell you.
  • If I think your idea is crazy, stupid, or will never work, I’ll tell you.
  • If I can re-use some existing code, I will.
  • If I know of a ready-made solution that doesn’t involve my services, I’ll point you in the right direction.
  • I’m discrete. I won’t discuss your project, campaign, or business with anyone.

I generally treat client projects as my own.  And that means I try to balance quality, time, and cost to get the job done right with minimum expense and maximum benefit.

So please use the contact form and drop me a line if you want to discuss a project.

Thanks for reading!