Killer Apps

Everything on this page is something I personally use and recommend. Most of the things listed here are tools and apps, but there is some other stuff too.  Enjoy.



AdCalc is a 100% free suite of internet marketing calculators.  But don’t let free fool you, these tools can make you money.  There are bunch of handy “min-calcs” that let you do things like calculate ROI, calculate CTR, and the all important EPC.  But there are also more powerful business planning calculators like the super popular Split Testing Calculator that let you do some impressive statistical significance calculations to figure out which variation of your landing page or ad is the best.   But I saved the best for last: the campaign calculators.  The PPC Campaign Calc, CPV Campaign Calc, and CPM Campaign Calc, let you use sliders to do some amazing “what-ifs” with your campaign data.  Used correctly, these calculators will let you get a deeper understanding of your stats and make more money.

Landing Page Genius

If you run traffic to landing pages, this tool could become your best friend.  Testing on-page variations in landing pages is crucial to performance marketing.  LPG turns this chore into…dare I say it… fun.  It makes testing easy and integrates with the two most popular tracking platforms used by affiliate marketers: Prosper202 and CPV Lab.  This is a must-have tool for anyone serious about affiliate marketing.

WP Trackstar

Plain and simple, this is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to easily integrate Prosper202 with WordPress.   Up until now, doing that required hacking your WordPress theme.  WP Trackstar also adds some handy shortcodes that let you incorporate keywords directly into your pages and posts (dynamic keyword insertion).


Prosper202 has probably made more money for affiliate marketers than any other software.  This free, open-source tool is still going strong and something I use every day.  Like most powerful software, there’s a learning curve.  But once you get comfortable with a few quirks, it provides rock-solid stats for your ad campaigns.


Aff Playbook Forum

Aff Playbook is a paid forum that’s really second to none.  Why would you want to pay for forum when there are so many free alternatives?  Easy… for quality content and expert advice.  I’ve personally been a member of Aff Playbook for years and I’m still an active member today.  The owner David Ford is constantly adding new case studies on pretty much a weekly basis. That means you get a constant stream of great ideas for growing your online business.  There are also always a bunch of follow-along campaigns being created by other members. They often share creatives, stats, and revenue because the forum is a private setting.   I can honestly say, as a result of the various tips, case studies, and follow-along campaigns, I’ve made some nice money  You should definitely check this place out.