Tracking202 Missing PPV Icons Fix

Sometimes, little things bug me. I’ve been running a bunch of PPV traffic lately and for awhile now, I’ve noticed that Prosper202 doesn’t have icons for DirectCPV or LeadImpact. This is most noticeable in the Overview and the Spy view where traffic from both of these networks gets stamped with the question mark icon. When you just see a question mark, you need to hover over it with your mouse to figure out what traffic source it is. And that sucks.

Fixing this was pretty easy. I just created 2 icons in Photoshop and then added a couple of lines of code.

To apply this fix, download

Put the two .gif files into your /202-img/icons/ppc/ directory.

Put the functions-tracking202.php file into your /202-config/ directory (and overwrite the file).

For the paranoid among you, you can make the code changes yourself:
(Note: the new code sits between the //trafficvance and //unknown comments).

	//traffic vance
	if ((preg_match("/trafficvance/i", $ppc_network_name)) or (preg_match("/traffic vance/i", $ppc_network_name))) {
		$ppc_network_icon = 'trafficvance.ico';
    	//directcpv  *** ctrtard added 3/10/2010
    	if ((preg_match("/directcpv/i", $ppc_network_name)) or (preg_match("/direct cpv/i", $ppc_network_name))) {
	        $ppc_network_icon = 'directcpv.gif';
	    //leadimpact *** ctrtard added 3/10/2010
    	if ((preg_match("/leadimpact/i", $ppc_network_name)) or (preg_match("/lead impact/i", $ppc_network_name))) {
	        $ppc_network_icon = 'leadimpact.gif';
	if (!isset($ppc_network_icon)) {
		$ppc_network_icon = 'unknown.gif';

You can see how sweet my DirectCPV icon looks in action 😉

Phew… now I feel better.

NOTE: This fix is for the current version of Prosper202 1.3.2, I’ll be updating this as needed when the next release comes out.

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  • dave

    Nice post! I named a network wrong so the icon wasn’t showing up. Editing the functions-tracking202.php like you suggested worked out great to fix those annoying question marks.


    • Yup. I had the same problem. I named traffic vance “TV” and the icon wasn’t showing up. It wasn’t until I looked at the code that I discovered it uses some simple matching to figure out the network.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Dan

    Awesome post! It’s all in the details!

  • bryan

    Hey this is really sweet. I just added this to my install and then I found I had some traffic sources not in your list and it pretty much irritated me not to have my own icons.

    SO thanks to this post I went and did a screen cap for my new network with Jing and then shrunk it down to 16X16 png file (to lazy to make it an icon) with VZN image re-sizer and uploaded it to the images file and updated the code like you suggested in this post. And I had my own custom icons (very very cool) cant see going back to the bland version 🙂

    One thing that’s critical when you enter the name of the image it seems to be case sensitive due to the way the code is written so make sure you type it in the same way the file is stored in the images folder. Thanks again for the awesome “mod”

    • Nice job adding your own icons! Thanks for reading & commenting.


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