Passing Variables Through Prosper 202 Mod

The Issue:

A new campaign I am about to run requires me to pass a zip code as a get variable in the url. For example:

This is also known as a pre-pop, as in “pre-populating” an offer.

The Problem:

So my landing page is all set up.  I have a form on there that let’s the user enter his zip code and I have my Prosper202 javascript tracking code in place.   Everything’s great until I have to actually pass that zip code through Prosper and then to my offer page.

When you “Get LP Code” in Prosper202, you get outbound links like this:

$tracking202outbound = ‘http://yourProsperDomain/tracking202/redirect/off.php?acip=123&pci=’.$_COOKIE[‘tracking202pci’];

Even if you modify this URL, any additional variables you add will get ignored and lost during the redirection process.

The Solution:

There are a few ways to fix this, one of them is by using cookies.  I haven’t test this solution here, but it looks like it would work. However, it would not allow you to use Prosper202’s cloaking feature. That kind of sucks 🙁

My fix is a hack.  You will need to edit one file in your Prosper202 install.  But once you’ve done the mod, it will allow you to pass any variables you want in a simple, elegant way.  No need for multiple files, cookies, or other bullshit that I will never remember to do. 😉

The Mod:

Edit: tracking202/redirect/off.php

Change 1/3:
Add the following code directly below the open php tag, like so:

/* Get Variable Pass-thru Mod, by Mark -- -- added 8-3-2010
This mod will allow you to pass additional variables to the P202 redirect. E.g.
$tracking202outbound = ''.$_COOKIE['tracking202pci'] . '&zip=10010';
foreach($_GET as $key => $value) {
    if ($key !== "acip" AND $key !== "pci")
    $stack .= "&$key=" . urlencode($value);
/* End Get Variable Pass-thru Mod */
#only allow numeric acip's

Change 2/3:

Add the following code on line 98. Directly below the line that reads: “$redirect_site_url = replaceTrackerPlaceholders($redirect_site_url,$click_id);”

    $redirect_site_url = replaceTrackerPlaceholders($redirect_site_url,$click_id);
    /* Get Variable Pass-thru Mod */
    $redirect_site_url .= $stack;
    /* End Variable Pass-thru Mod */

Change 3/3:

Add the following code on line 373. Directly below the comment that reads: “//NOW LETS REDIRECT”

/* Get Variable Pass-thru Mod */
$redirect_site_url .= $stack;
/* End Variable Pass-thru Mod */

Note, line numbers for the off.php file are from Prosper 1.5.1. If you have a different version, the line numbers might be in slightly different places.


Once the mod is in place, passing any variable you need to is simple and elegant.  All you need to do is append it.  Here is a chunk of code to show how this can be done. We will pass a zip and color variable:

$color = "red";
$zip = "12345"; 
// paste our outbound link Prosper gave us in "Get LP Code"
$tracking202outbound = 'http://yourProsperDomain/tracking202/redirect/off.php?acip=123&pci='.$_COOKIE['tracking202pci']; 
// now let's append our variables
$tracking202outbound .= "&zip=$zip&color=$color";
// make a link
echo "<a href=\"$tracking202outbound\">click here</a>";

Assuming our offer link was “”, the user would be redirected to:


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  • What version of Prosper are you using?

    • 1.5.1

      • Oh ok you are doing landing pages within Prosper. I have never done that and I was looking at your code and was being like ‘wtf is that’ lol. This hax has already got my wheels spinning, thanks for sharing!

  • So you’re saying pre-pop. That’s pretty cool.

    • Yeah, I guess I am saying pre-pop.

      Thanks for reading.

  • Wow! Works great! Will your hack mess up a normal redirect? Or will everything still work the same?


    • No, the changes won’t mess up anything.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • have you found a way to do this with a direct linked campaign?

    • @Wes It didn’t even occur to me to make a mod for DL. But yes, it would be easy.

      The most elegant solution would be to mod tracking202/redirect/dl.php so it works the same way as this mod does.

      I’m sure a bunch of other people would find it useful too, so I’ll make the mod in the next couple of days and post it here.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • gweedsishere

    Has anyone been able to get this to work?

    • I’m guessing “Josh Wexelbaum: Wow! Works great!” got it to work.

      It also, of course, works great for me.

      • gweedsishere

        Looks like I spoke too soon. Got it to work.


  • chris

    I tried the “Passing Variables Through Prosper 202 Mod” but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

    what i have notice is that in your example, your outbound link ends in “tracking202/redirect/off.php”

    but when i get my outbound link it ends in “/tracking202/redirect/lp.php?”

    can you please help

    • Are you using an Advanced Landing Page? And what version of P202?

      • chris

        I was using simple landing page does it have to be advanced?

        p202 version 1.5.1

  • Sonny

    Great mod, thanks!

    I have one stupid question: with a network that requires the pass parameter as “pass[email]=” I have the following:

    $tracking202outbound .= “&pass[email]=$email”;

    yet nothing passes (I think the [ ] are breaking things yet am not knowledgable enough to even know what this is called in order to google a solution). Is there an easy fix so that I can pre-pop to them?


  • Thanks for the great workaround! Have you ever got around to making a mod for a direct link?

  • Marty

    Hi Mark, great stuff indeed. I realized that you can pass the value with a specific variable (for example zip=) but what would you do if you want a specific value to be passe in the variable t202kw= ?

    Because I want to pass the variable in the URL and see it in the keyword column in my p202 stats.


  • Mike

    Thank you, but If i want to pre pop an email address and not zip what are the variables i need to use?

    • It totally depends on what variables the offer page accepts. You need to contact your AM and ask what variables are available to be pre-popped.

  • Mathias

    It doesen’t seem to register the click through from LP to offer with this method?

  • Are you able to register the clickthrough from LP to offer with this method also? I can’t seem to get it working… Thanks for this great method btw!


    • Yeah it works fine. You must be doing something wrong.

      • Mathias Aarre Mæhlum

        I’ve heard this is probably because of p202’s cloacking?

        Maybe I should invest in SSL for my tracking domain?

        • This works fine with cloaking. But yes, since you can get SSL certs super cheaply, its good to get one for your tracking domain so you can blank referrers.

  • mathdoc

    I know this is an old post, but why not just input your aff link in prosper to include &zip=[[c4]] in the url. That way you can pass the zip in the c4 variable. No hacking necessary.

  • Garrett

    Great mod!

    For Prosper202 version 1.7.2, you need to modify the tracking202/redirect/lp.php page instead of off.php… I spent a few minutes wondering why I couldn’t get it to work, haha.

    Thanks a ton for posting this

    • Glad you liked it. Thanks for letting me know it was useful!

  • James

    I applied this with php5.4 and prosper 1.7.2 but always stuck on off.php


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