A4D Meetup and Meetup202 Los Angeles

There are two affiliate marketing meetups coming up. I live in San Diego and will be going to both.

Meetup202 Los Angeles – March 20, 2010

This is part of the Tracking202 sponsored Meetup202 group. This should be pretty interesting. The organizer is JasperP. He runs nerdyaffiliate.com and is responsible for that cool Tracking202 keyword CTR mod that a lot of people are running. I”ve never been to one of these except the giant Meetup202 at ASW. But that’s way different. This looks like it will be a small group. Which means it might be cool to network and learn something.


A4D Affiliate Meetup 2010 San Diego – March 27, 2010

This is being setup Ads4Dough, a CPA network in San Diego. This should be really good. Here is the lineup:

MikeTPowell, one of the most creative minds I know – How to run effective PPV campaigns
DK of Purposeinc – Facebook Ads Crash Course to profitability
Hagan – Why now is the time for LeadGen & How to effectively run campaigns
Nickycakes – TBD
Smaxor of A4D – Squeeze pages, paths, list building, data sales
Q&A Panel – Dr Ngo, Smaxor, NickyCakes

Wickedfire Thread

RSVP Link:

This one is 10 mins from my house. Finally a meetup where I don’t have to travel!

If any of my 3 readers are going and want to get a beer, LMK.

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  • Thanks for the promotion!
    I don’t think we have met.

    Send me an e-mail so I can put you on my spammy e-mail list 🙂


  • Charlie

    Hey dude I’m definitely going, I’ll PM you on the PPVPlaybook forum with my info, I probably won’t stay long after the whole thing is over I got a bit of drive north and got family in town that weekend… but I can always make a little time to learn more about PPV marketing, so I can’t miss this.



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