June 2010

  • Why you need an iPhone4

    “It has an app that will build you an island and then it fucking transforms into a jet and flies you there.”

  • Ruck from Convert2Media Interview June 2010

    This is has been tweeted and retweeted about.  But if you’re like me, and ignore/forget about Twitter for days at a time, you may have missed it.   I bookmarked it about a week and a half ago and didn’t listen until today. This interview kicks some serious ass. So far I have listened to it…

  • Data Feed Sites, A Complete Guide – Part 2

    <<< Read Data Feed Sites – Part 1 Page Building Strategies Once you’ve selected your feed, you need to present it in a way that is going to help you convert.  Here are some tips for how you should lay out your data feed site: 1. Use WordPress as the framework for your data feed…

  • Data Feed Sites, A Complete Guide – Part 1

    What A data feed is basically a database of products that is put together by a merchant. For example, a merchant that sells bridal/wedding related items will create a database with all of the products they sell. This database will include item numbers, item names, descriptions, etc. It will also include a tracking link for…

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