Affiliate Marketing Newbie Guide

Since there is no point in rehashing this and I’ve already read a ton of shit, let me help you out.  There are quite a few newbie guides available, but only a couple of them are worth reading.

#1 Nicky Cakes Newbie Guide
Irreverent in the usual Cakes style,  it’s a fun read. The downside is: it’s a bit sparse.  This guide is a pretty good overview but Nicky glosses over a bunch of stuff. If your a total newb, you will probably have a bunch of questions after you read it. Check the comments for answers to some questions.  Ask new questions at your own peril.  Favorite quote:

Seriously, expect to fail, because chances are you’re too stupid or lazy to succeed, which is why the rest of us make so much money.

#2 Gauher Chaudry’s Insider Guide to CP Marketing Profits.
The name screams gay, ripoff, waste-of-time ebook, but the content is actually really good. It is 89 pages, and shockingly, chock full of good information!   Downside: you need to enter your email address to get the pdf.  Normally, I wouldn’t bother but since he got a tacit endorsement from, I gave it a shot.  You do, indeed, get the ebook after entering your email and it’s all good.  But a few days later I started getting some emails from Gauher.  The emails were clearly an attempt to engage me… and I quote:

Quick question? What do *you* think works best as far as converting you into a customer of a product or service? …. please give your answer http://surveymonkey/[blah-blah-blah]

Gay! Props to Gauher for the excellent pdf, but seriously, improve the email or your shit will be relegated to the spam folder sooner than later.  In addition, to get the second installment, you have to refer people!  I guess this is his attempt at viral marketing. It’s all good, but I feel dirty so I’m not going to bother giving you my referral link.

#3 Uber Affiliate Marketing Guide
This post has a bunch of good links to help you on your way. Many of the links are a bit dated, but nevertheless contain some good info and will definitely help you wrap your head around some important shit you need to understand.  This blog has a lot of haters, and honestly I have not really read it, but this post in particular is a good resource fa’sho.

Quick question?

What do *you* think works best as far as converting you into a customer of a product or service?

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